It’s not your parent’s workplace anymore — in a good way. More businesses are recognizing the benefits in productivity, collaboration, health, morale, and even the ability to attract and retain a talented workforce by offering pet friendly workplaces and benefits.

  • A common question from Millennials and Gen Z applicants during job interviews is “can I bring my dog to work?” 65% of applicants, in fact, are asking if the workplace is pet friendly during interviews.*

  • Going by the numbers, employees who had their pets at their workplace showed an 11 percent drop in their stress levels by the end of the workday as compared to a 70 percent spike in stress levels of employees who left their pets at home. **

  • Some of the benefits (of pet friendliness) companies tout are improved employee morale, increased collaboration among peers, more exercise for employees, greater time dedication to work, financial perks for pet owners and attracting top talent. ***

    *HR Specialist, Tampa Bay; Banfield Pet-Friendly Workplace PAWrometer study

    **Virginia Commonwealth University

    ***6 Reasons Dog-Friendly Workplaces Attract Millennials,

Here’s a great success story around pet friendly benefits—click on this link, Pawternity Leave, to learn about BrewDog’s unique employee benefit.

We partner with your team to help you develop programs that make a powerful impact on your pet parent employees and their furry loved ones.

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Consulting and Project Management.

We will work with your HR team to look at your business holistically, incorporate best in show practices and create a pet friendly plan designed to meet the needs of your current and future employees.

As you implement your plans we can be your project manager to coordinate all the moving parts and help your team establish a solid and sustainable foundation for long term pet friendly success.



As you welcome pets into your workplace providing training for your team and pet parents, too, on good pet social skills is important. We partner with certified trainers to bring the training to your workplace to help you create a happy and fur friendly workplace. This training can also be used as a great team building experience.

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Education & Engagement.

We provide the following engagement services to support pet friendly in the workplace:

  • Focus Groups - learn more about your team and use those results to design your pet friendly “pawprint”.

  • Speaking - our consultants are available to speak at business meetings to promote the power of pet friendly and how to make a difference in the community.

  • Benefits Development - we can help you design packages that stand out to your pet parents employees.