The traveling family now has fur.

Consider these facts :

  • 56% of American travelers are more likely to travel with their pets. (Trip Advisor, Annual Traveling with Pets survey 2017)

  • 35% of pet owners take shorter vacations, 25% take fewer vacations, and 7% will only travel to destinations where they can brings their pets. (Trip Advisor, Annual Traveling with Pets survey 2017; online survey, 2016)

  • Millennials and the upcoming Gen Z are now the largest group of pet owners representing 38+% of all pet ownership followed by Baby Boomers. They no longer consider themselves pet owners. They are pet parents—and they take their furry children with them wherever they go.

  • Pet parents love their furry children. They spent an estimated $72+B on their pets in 2018. To add some comparison of growing industries, the spend on children’s products in 2015 was $41B and $60.3B for pets. (American Pet Products Association®)

Welcoming furry guests is the wave of future family travel. It can be fun but also presents its own set of challenges and opportunities. We’re here to help you to fill more room nights with higher ADRs by maximizing your pet friendliness while still considering your non-pet family guests. Added bonus—as you roll out the welcome mat to furry guests you are creating a whole new breed of brand ambassadors and loyal return guests.


Consulting & Project Planning.

We will work with your team to look at your property holistically. We consider your unique charm and what draws guests to stay with you. We explore your pet friendly “Why” and incorporate best in show practices to help you create a pet friendly guest experience designed to meet the needs of all your guests—those with furry families and those without.

As you implement your plans we can also be your project manager to coordinate all the moving parts and help your team  establish a solid and sustainable foundation for long term pet friendly success.



Partnering with certified pet training experts we offer programs for your staff that teach practical skills to properly and carefully handle visiting pet guests. We also coordinate fun training events at your property to draw new guests and help create an even greater pet safe and social community.


Engagement, Education & Advocacy.

We provide the following engagement services to support pet friendly in the hospitality space:

  • Focus Groups - learn more about your current and future guests and use those results to design your unique guest experience.

  • Speaking - our consultants are available to speak at meetings about the power of pet friendly.

  •  Advocacy - we will work with your team to support and promote pet friendly initiatives and changes in the hospitality and travel industries.