Pet friendly creates a unique sense of community. It’s a kindness and a compassion toward others radiating from the genuineness and unconditional love that animals teach us. They bring us together and show us how to work together, play together, live in harmony and see the joy in the moment. Communities that embrace pet friendly set the standard for businesses, residents and visitors.

  • 82% of mayors surveyed said that providing pet-friendly amenities can have an overall positive economic impact on the community. 63% of mayors surveyed agreed that pet-friendly policies and amenities can attract additional traffic to retail establishments, restaurants, cafés, etc.*

  • When finding a home 81% of U.S. households say that animal-related considerations will play a role in deciding on their next living situation.**

  • 45.3 million households own at least one cat and 56.7 million households own at least one dog. If (apartments) don’t allow pets, you’re missing out on potential renters.***

*US Conference of Mayor’s survey 2018, Better Cities for Pets

**2017 National Association of Realtors, Remodeling impact: animals-in-homes

***American Apartment Owners Association

Becoming a pet friendly city takes team work, commitment and knowing where to go for resources to help. It’s about city leaders, shelters, businesses, housing and pet parents collaborating and building an “eco-system” of pet friendly partners. Our team can help you create your unique pet friendly “pawprint” that fits your community’s charm and long term goals. We’re also available to help you with project management to ensure a successful roll-out of your pet friendly plans.


Consulting & Project Management

We will work with your team to look at your community holistically, incorporate best in show practices, point you to resources available to help you create a pet friendly plan designed to meet the needs of both your two and four legged residents.

As you implement your plans we are available to be your project manager to coordinate all the moving parts and help your team establish a solid and sustainable foundation for long term pet friendly success.


Better Cities for Pets™

Mars PetCare, a leader in providing care and services for our furry loved ones, has created a comprehensive program called Better Cities for Pets™. It’s scope spans shelters, homes, parks and businesses. The program supports three broad goals for people and pets everywhere: happy pets, welcome pets and healthy pets.

We proudly work together with Better Cities on our shared mission of helping cities make a positive impact on their community through pet friendliness.

Click here for more information about the Better Cities for Pets initiative and tools available from their site.

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Engagement, Education & Advocacy.

We provide the following engagement services to learn more about the pet community in your town, provide timely pet friendly discussions and promote pet friendly advocacy.

  • Focus Groups - learn more about your community and use those results to design your pet friendly “pawprint”.

  • Speaking - our consultants are available to speak at professional association and community meetings.

  • Advocacy - we will work with your team to support and promote pet friendly initiatives and changes needed in your community and the state.