What's the buzz with "biodegradable" when talking about pet waste bags?

Cleaning up after our dogs is very important to us in our own yards and when we are out and about. It’s being courteous to others and showing respect for the environment.  It’s like a pet parent’s code of conduct.  We want to show others that our pets are well behaved and worthy of the pet friendliness we are enjoying.

Part of the clean-up is the waste bag aka poo poo bag.  I recently attended a pet products conference and there was a huge buzz about not being able to say “Biodegradable” when advertising pet waste bags.  In 2015, the Federal Trade Commission(FTC) had sent letters (link to FTC Letter ) to 20 manufacturers and marketers of dog waste bags that their “biodegradable,” “compostable,” and other environmental claims may be deceptive.  The companies had to prove that their waste bags were truly biodegradable providing competent and reliable scientific evidence that they will degrade in most landfills within the claimed time period or, if a time period is not specified, within one year or remove those statements from packaging or advertising.  Same was true with compostable statements. “Consumers looking to buy environmentally friendly products should not have to guess whether the claims made are accurate,” said Jessica Rich, Director of the FTC’s Bureau of Consumer Protection.

We hear more and more about the impact plastic bags are having on the environment and plastic bag bans. This falls right in line with the FTC notifications to the pet waste bag manufacturers and marketers. With this insight, we have found that a limited few pet waste bag companies really meet these vital standards. For our part we recommend bioDOGradable bags.

Sustainability is a key differentiator and motivation to select bioDOGradable bags. The sole mission of the bioDOGradable company is to reduce plastic pollution by offering eco-friendly pet waste bag alternatives. Here are a few fun facts and details about what makes these bags so different and so “green”.

bioDOGradable Bags are made of renewable material technology, which is biobased (not a fossil derivative product) and certified by the USDA. They are 100% biodegradable (in presence of oxygen or in absence of oxygen), can breakdown in a landfill also at the rate of other organic material (such as food or paper) and they are 100% compostable, either backyard composting or industrial (anaerobic digestion) composting. The key ingredients are maize flour and biodegradable polyesters. The composition is natural, GMO Free and food grade so the bags are basically a food for microorganisms.

The bags have earned the USDA’s bio-based certification, along with numerous other world-wide certifications. bioDOGradable Bags are certified for following standards:

  • USDA Certified Biobased

  •   OK HOME Compost as per EN 13432

  •   OK Compost as per EN 13432

  •   Canada's BNQ Certified Compostable

  •   OK Biodegradable Marine 

bioDOGradable Bags have 12 to 18 months shelf life (tested) and start breaking down once they are exposed to the environment.

They support municipal green bin programs and all plastic bag bans. The City of Coral Gables, Florida selected bioDOGradable bags when they implemented their plastic bag ban last year. The City and its pet owners are huge fans of the bioDOGradable bag stations around the city.

The bioDOGradable company is a part of 1% for the Planet, pledging to donate 1% of annual sales to support nonprofit organizations focused on the environment. Donations help support the environmental nonprofit, the 5Gyres Institute which is a movement to empower action against the global health crisis of plastic pollution through science, education, and adventure.

bioDOGradable bags are more than just a product, they are a mission and a movement with the goal of a future without plastic pollution—starting with one pet waste bag at a time. And with nearly 85M pet households in the US this can make a huge impact.

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