Pet Friendly Landscaping

Want to go outside?!? Music to a pet’s ears. 

Nothing better than exploring the great outdoors, chasing squirrels & lizards & birds, rolling in the grass, sniffing all kinds of smells, finding a fun and tasty stick. It's just the best.

Your outdoor landscaping is so important to your businesses charm and character and a huge drawing card.  As you're planning your outdoor spaces, building in pet friendliness is not only fun but a safety factor, too. Thinking about the potential pet guest there are several things to consider.

  • Location. Location. Location. Having pet spaces close to pet friendly rooms is so appreciated.  Plus having those places well lit and secure for that late night outside trip is much needed.

  • Pet safe plants. Pets will get into things we never expect. There are so many amazing plants and taking that extra time to make sure they are pet safe can be lifesavers.  Weeds and mushrooms can crop up that can be dangerous (see link below), too.  Keeping pet areas clear of unwanted weeds is important.  You might even consider using a man-made turf which be a great alternative--just not the plastic version which can heat up in the summer sun. Here's a link to the ASPCA's list of 17 Poisonous Plants for pets.  The ASPCA also has a list of which plants are safe and which pose a risk on that same site.

  • Lawn Treatments.  Dogs possess up to 300 million olfactory receptors in their noses, compared to about six million in humans. They sweat through their paw pads and panting. They are low to the ground and constantly sniffing and being alert to sights and smells all around. Making sure that the lawn, mulch and plant treatments used are pet safe is vital. There are lots of great organic products that are better for pets, people and the environment that can keep your landscaping beautiful.  Your landscape company should be able to advise on this and if there is any question the local extension service can provide guidance. Here's the link to the Pinellas Country Extension service.  

  • Space to chill.  Having walking trails is a great way for pets and their parents to relax. These are also great ways to help work off some extra energy that furry children might have when in new spaces. A relaxed and tired pet is a quieter guest.

  • Fenced in and Feeling Fine. Any places that furry children might roam should be secure to prevent pets from darting out and potentially getting lost or hurt. This could be from ensuring that the arrival locations are secure to having a fenced pet play area.

  • Hanging with the Peeps. Speaking of fenced play area this is a great way for pet parents to let their pups burn off energy and play with other pet guests. Also a great way for pet parents to socialize, too.  Having this near your bar or outdoor restaurant could be an added perk.

  • Hitch for Safety.  Consider installing dog leash hooks around your property.  These are sturdy hooks to hang a leash while checking in, at the bar & restaurants, at the door to the room.  Any place where having an extra hand to secure a leash would made a huge difference and keep pets safe.

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