This is why Pets Living the Dream’s mission exists, https://www.npr.org/sections/thetwo-way/2018/03/14/593479827/dog-dies-in-overhead-bin-on-united-flight-airline-apologizes

Who is training these teams? 20 years ago while flying from Florida to New Jersey a Continental flight attendant told me that my dog, in a soft sided carrier, would have to be stowed in a closet because her carrier wouldn’t fit under my seat. Stunned, I reminded the attendant that my dog was a living creature and could not just be put in a closet. We were asked to leave the plane and address this with the gate attendant and then missed the flight. I wrote the company’s president and his office responded that the flight attendant had been “counseled” whatever that means and gave me a round trip ticket on their airline. Obviously they recognized this was poor and wrong treatment of a passenger--I had paid a fee for Sabrina's flight so she was a paying customer. Continental is now a part of United and 20 years later how could this happen?

My heart is ripped out by the indifference to a living creature being treated like luggage and the cruel way that this puppy died. In my personal opinion the flight attendant should be held on animal cruelty charges. I also struggle with why no one spoke up to protect this pup.  If you see something say something applies here, too.

Businesses are jumping on board to be Pet Friendly. This is an extreme example but shows the importance of mindful planning of pet friendly programs. It’s more than going to the local pet store buying some water bowls and hanging a Pets Welcome sign. You are inviting people to bring their furry children and they MUST be treated with the same type of care you would someone’s human child.  It’s intentional planning to have pet safe spaces, use pet safe cleaning products, offer healthy treats in pet safe containers, provide clean water in BPA & lead free bowls and train your staff on how to welcome and care for each and every precious guest—two and four legged.

These furry babies trust us with their lives and well being. In return they give back a world of unconditional love. Keeping that in mind, creative well planned pet friendly programs will capture very loyal guests who will return time and time again.  Once you have shown your consideration of their furry child’s care and making their visit special, you have made a guest for life—and some of the best word of mouth advertising money cannot even buy.      

Our hearts break for this little puppy and his family. Two small children and their mom had their hearts broken and had to witness this tragedy that should never have happened. As for me and our business, we are more impassioned than ever to do our best to help businesses embrace changes that make the world safer for our furry travel buddies and not let another pet suffer as this little pup did.

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Karen Bartoszek